Out of hope and love for life, came  M A Y H A N A.

I was always an introverted and shy kid that enjoyed staying in and focusing on my passion for arts and crafts, which included jewelry making.  As early as 11 years old, I would take apart my mother’s necklaces and earrings and use the material to customize designs, with dreams of having my own jewelry collection one day.

While growing up and spending a lot of time in my quiet room doing art, I would often dream about tropical, lush islands, sparkling sands, and crystal-clear turquoise shores.  Our honeymoon to Hawai'i was the first time that dream came to life for me, and I instantly fell in love with island lifestyle and culture.  It opened a deeper respect and appreciation of mother nature’s simple, humble, yet powerful beauty.  It inspired me artistically and influenced my personal sense of style and fashion.   

A few months after our honeymoon, we received wonderful news that I was pregnant with twin girls.  Unexpectedly, it quickly turned into a true test of hope and faith.  There were many complications and they were not supposed to survive.  Through God’s grace, daily prayer, support from family and friends, and the best doctors in the world at Mount Sinai Toronto hospital, they were miraculously born against all odds.  We named them Maya and Hanalei.  Maya, representing the month of May, Mother Mary’s month; a sign of gratitude for our answering prayers to Her.  Hanalei, in honour of our favourite beach while on our honeymoon in Kauai, Hawai'i; a sign of gratitude for God’s beautiful gift of love and nature. 

M A Y H A N A jewelry is a tribute to our twins, my passion for art, nature, love and life.

Our logo.  The infinity waves symbolize the symmetry of our identical twins, their infinite bond, and our love for the beach.

Our name.  Aside from being a combination of Maya and Hanalei, it coincidentally means warmth, twins and double in Hawai'ian; Mahana (măˈ-hāˈ-na, pronounced may-ha-na).  It was meant to be.

M A Y H A N A is more than just a jewelry business to us, it's a symbol of hope, gratitude, love and happiness.  Thank you for taking the time to read our story.  Love Life.